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Reflections on yesterday

I was thinking this morning about my learning yesterday and what struck me was the opportunity to discuss on-line spaces so openly and without answers. Whilst this may feel unstructured for some, it’s challenging to be in a workshop with an expert who gives you answers. Because their answers aren’t always what your schools or students need.

Flexibility was a key theme for me yesterday. Truly using technology to meet the needs of the learners and the learning situation, which means that not everyone needs to do the same thing in the same way. And we say that often but at our school we expect all teachers to have a blog. We expect all students to have a blog. But what if that isn’t the platform they want to use to best express what they know or can do, or how they can best make connections with each other.

Reflecting on technology in my classroom was also significant and isn’t it wonderful to be in a workshop and the focus on my notes is how this can influence what I am doing in the classroom! I have so many ideas for changes and they are not huge, unachievable changes, they are little things that can really make the learning richer. Little things that can help me connect with my students in different ways and for different purposes. I am also reflecting on the program we have in Grade 7 English – what do we need to change? How can we improve it? Is it the best we can offer our students at this point?

And the beauty of my reflections is that the presenters aren’t telling me how to change things or what to do but providing me with the opportunity to think, talk, ask questions, challenge thoughts and practises while acknowledging that we are doing great things already.

Products of Learning

When working with my group about creating a mission for our online digital learning/sharing, blogging (where ever we are with #beyondblogging) we had amazing, rich conversations in which we shared, asked and solved.

In the end, I think as a whole room, we realized that our learning and deep, thoughtful reflection and learning was not captured at all on our google doc.

So it has me thinking…  So what?  Is that important?

How can I capture that learning?

Is it important to have a permanent documentation of that learning?

I’m definitely going to play around with this in the coming weeks.  How can I capture learning?  Or is just observation enough?